It has been a busy fall for Powerhouse Trends! When my colleague Taylor Wiegert, Powerhouse Director of Social and Digital Engagement, and I were recently invited to speak at the D2Cincinnati Conference on Evolving Business to Embrace Gen-Y Hacker Mentality, we decided to take an unconventional approach. Together we created an interactive Tumblr to illuminate the most disruptive changes in the marketing landscape as the vehicle for our presentation.

By 2020, Gen-Y consumers will play a key role in driving the global economy with more than $400 billion in purchasing power in the U.S. alone. As Gen-Y grows in influence, they are redefining the roles brands play in their lives—making it critical for marketers to understand their changing expectations, values and behaviors now, not later. Gen-Y, through their native understanding and adoption of digital technologies, is introducing the growing acceptance of a hacker mentality to the marketing landscape. Whether seen today in hacktivism or a brand sponsored community collaboration, this is only the beginning of a looming industry shift. Altogether there are 5 core principles of a Hacker Mentality:

Brand Accountability Goes Mainstream

D.R.E.A.M.: Data Rules Everything Around Me

Access Trumps Ownership

The Power of Sharing Economies

Support Creative Reinterpretations

To see how we brought these 5 core principles life, check out our Tumblr.

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