“Kick ass design work for kick ass bands.”



The humble garage of a rental house on a college campus in the Midwest where we built a makeshift rock poster print shop. And we were flat broke. Seriously. Flat. Broke.

The year was 1999. In that garage, college buddies Pat Jones and Ben Nunery connected around their deep, shared passion for music and design – and their even greater passion for using music and design to evoke meaningful, emotional responses from people. They quickly became known across campus for their interactive guerilla-style art installations.

Now, let’s fast-forward four years to an unkempt warehouse in Covington, Kentucky. In 2004, Powerhouse Factories LLC officially opened its doors as a rock poster shop and art gallery. Our team had expanded to five and, to keep the lights on, worked and lived in the same space.

Word spread quickly about our ardent passion for music and design – and the proven emotional impact of our work that seamlessly combined the two. Musicians and venues in all corners of the country started clamoring for our hand-crafted posters. As our rock poster business grew, a new category of clients also emerged: brands and agency marketers who admired Powerhouse’s expertise in bringing a band’s brand to life. Branding a band became a bell weather for us as we moved beyond posters into a digital marketing age where design had to be considered for multiple new platforms and advertising machines. Now we offer a variety of design services to the music industry ranging from digital tour campaigns online and out of home, merchandising, and physical stage graphics, to name a few. Give us a shout. We’ll make something rad.