Everyday businesses of all shapes and sizes examine trends to better position their organizations for the future. Often, the trends only marginally relate to the organization’s pressing business issues of today or their vision for tomorrow.  These conventional trend reports often lack the why or so what that ultimately makes the information meaningful and actionable.

Powerhouse Factories is partnering with The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business’ Initiative for Managing Services to help organizations demystify conventional trend analysis through a hands-on workshop on March 27. The session, run by Powerhouse’s resident trends guru Emily Worstell, will decode the process behind trendcasting and detail how to extract real-world implications for businesses in both the near and far term.

During the workshop, attendees will learn about Powerhouse Factories’ unconventional trendcasting point of view and hone their ability to spot the emerging trends impacting their industries. Dividing into groups, participants will critically evaluate trends to uncover immediate action steps that can be incorporated into their current strategies and inform their long-term planning.

Learn more about the upcoming session and register here.

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