Create a Facebook Page, check. Outreach to the media, check. Blogger outreach, wait, what? When executed correctly, blogger relations can offer tremendous benefits to the marketing mix of any brand. Here are the five reasons why marketers are racing to build their blogger networks and deepen connections with one of the most talked about groups of influencers.

Targeted Awareness

While blogger outreach won’t get you the mass reach of a TV commercial, it will spread awareness among the niche groups who are more likely to be receptive to your brand messages. Blogs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, allowing brands to pinpoint the right influencers for the message.

Earned Credibility

Unfortunately the truth is: people don’t trust brands, they trust other people. In today’s socially-driven world, adding a layer of authenticity to your message is critical. Bloggers can provide the “proof” to a mass message, earning you credibility with the people who matter most.

Compelling Content

By their nature, bloggers are inherent storytellers and can create compelling content supporting a brand for you. They’ve built a following because people care about the stories they have to tell. In fact, the lifeline of a blog is its ability to produce relevant, timely and compelling content for its audience. Brands who reach out to bloggers can harness a blogger’s voice to get their stories told through well-written posts, gorgeous photography and dynamic videos. Whether they’re documenting an experience with a brand, a new product or a unique process, when done right, bloggers can tell a brands’ story better than anyone.

SEO for Life

Google never forgets. Because bloggers have large, loyal followings, when a blogger writes about your brand or product, you can be sure Google will find it. In fact, blogs are visited by search engines more often than static web pages, meaning your content will get noticed even faster. The SEO benefits of blogger relations are limitless.

Long-term Relationships

It’s important to remember that blogger relations is not a one-and-done model. By developing mutually beneficial relationships from the beginning, you’re building a sustainable network that pays out over time.

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