On the Cover of PRINT Magazine

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On the Cover of PRINT Magazine

A few months ago Ronson Slagle – an art director for PRINT and HOW Magazines – stopped by the shop to pick up some ink buckets for a photo shoot for The Color Issue of PRINT Magazine. When he asked if we’d like to collaborate on the cover design after seeing examples of our work we jumped at the chance. To connect back to the cover article on the historical roots of split fountain printing, Powerhouse Factories designer Aaron May used the technique to create a fresh, summery print that serves as the basis for PRINT’s June cover.

For those unfamiliar, split fountain is a printing technique where different color inks are loaded next to each other on the same screen. When pulling the ink through the screen to create a print, where the two inks meet creates a gradient effect. Check out the photos below for a behind-the-scenes look at the process that went into creating the cover and be sure to check out the finished product on newsstands now!

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