When you ask any sneakerhead about his most prized shoe, two things are likely to come up:

First you’ll hear all of the intricacies and details about the shoe itself. Why one release is better or worse than another. Who scored how many points in what game. If it’s a retro. He might even do some quick math to tell you how old he was when the OG released, and on and on and on.

Then you’ll hear a drawn-out and disturbingly detailed story about how he got his hands on the shoe. Driving three hours in the pouring rain to get in line at two in the morning. Negotiating with a friend of a friend in Paris to get a European exclusive, then crossing his fingers, hoping he doesn’t get scammed. Even worse: paying triple, quadruple, even ten-times retail for a shoe he absolutely had to, had to have.

Between the details of the release, and how the collector got his pair(s), every shoe has a story. For many of us, the story of how we acquired our sneakers is as important as the shoes themselves.

Corporate sneaker and clothing boutique in Cincinnati has partnered with Powerhouse to create a series of screen prints celebrating the stories behind the sneakers we love. All too often, the sneakers we struggle to get our hands on are kept in boxes and stored in closets far from view. These prints offer sneaker collectors a unique opportunity to document their experiences and share their stories with friends and family.

The limited edition, handcrafted print series will begin with the release of the Johnny Kilroy Jordan IX, with prints planned for each of the five following shoes in the Kilroy pack. Prints for other Jordan-brand releases are scheduled throughout the 2012 holiday season.


Hidden within the red, black and silver layers of the Kilroy print are the details of the now-infamous Johnny Kilroy story. There are references to the popcorn tape, Kilroy’s less-than-disguising number 4 jersey, the date of the game and a nod to the Hornets who Kilroy exploited for 79 points in only one quarter of play. Hidden even deeper in the print are subtle references to Michael Jordan fulfilling his lifelong desire to play professional baseball. The following prints in the series will bring to life the stories of Jordan’s other alter egos during the ’94 season: Slim Jenkins, Motorboat Jones, Fontay Montana, Calvin Bailey and Bentley Ellis.

Each 18” by 24” poster in the Kilroy pack will be limited to 50 hand-printed and hand-signed prints. They are available at Corporate’s shop located at 2643 Erie Avenue 45208 in Cincinnati. You can also order the prints from Corporate over the phone (513-771-0432) or online at www.phfdesign.com.



The finished screen printed poster for the Johnny Kilroy Jordan 9 2012 release.

Johnny Kilroy Jordan 9 in the shop.

Johnny Kilroy Poster and test prints

Kilroy Kicks Butt Tag on the poster sleeves.

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