We did a poster for Guns N’ Roses!!

Like many kids of the 80’s, we here at Powerhouse not only grew up listening to, but also idolizing Guns N’ Roses and all of their colorful members. I mean, that shit rocks. And so when we heard that the “Not In This Lifetime” tour was really happening and that GN’R was going out on the road, we were stoked and wanted to find a way to work with them…

We worked to develop a poster design for the show at Paul Brown Stadium on July 6, 2016. Included below are a few pictures of the process and concept for the poster. We felt like a design for a show this big had to be something larger than life and all encompassing of the bands incredible history.

The concept started by combing through four Guns N’ Roses album’s lyrics to uncover the most awesome things the band ever said in their songs. We were able to identify lyrics, stanzas, etc. for over 1700 words and then wrote them by hand on a large sheet of paper to look like an entry on someones sketch or note book.



From there we decided to incorporate imagery to signify the emotion and backing track audio from the song “Rocket Queen”. The type was to be printed red in the background (awesome red.. half dark red/half medium red) and the foreground was the picture of the woman in a transparent black. The black ends up looking like a nice grey on the paper and also allows you to read through to the lyrics behind.


This poster was designed and printed as a commissioned piece and will not be available for sale. Sorry.

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  • Fred says:

    Awesome design!

    It turns out something historic happened at this show in Cincinnati. Original GNR drummer Steven Adler was fired in 1990, and he took it really hard, for a long time. Many GNR fans were really hoping he would get to play with the guys again, and this reunion tour seemed like the perfect chance. Well … it finally happened on July 6 in Cincy! Steven got to play 2 songs with Guns n’ Roses again (Out ta Get me and My Michelle), a dream for him I’m sure.

    YouTube Clip here:

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