In 2012 we saw the rise of Pinterest, Facebook go public, the proliferation of niche networks and a growing emphasis on visual content. 2013 is sure to be a year in which social media marketing is redefined and marketers are forced to adapt even more to the constantly evolving landscape.

The rise of visual web, the end of the social silo, the necessity of agile marketing, show vs. tell your brand story in the social space, and more will define social media marketing in 2013. Now is the time to prepare.

Join Taylor Wiegert and Emily Worstell from Powerhouse Factories’ social media and trendcasting teams as they share and elaborate on these trends on Oct. 30 from 2:00 to 2:45 p.m.

What Marketers Will Learn

  • Social media marketing trends taking us into 2013
  • The opportunity for marketeres to leverage the trends
  • How you can respond and stay ahead of the curve

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