At Powerhouse Factories, we’re proud of our roots in the art of printmaking, or more specifically, screen printing. More than a decade ago, I was learning printmaking and design in a formal education setting, while simultaneously forging a path of my own making rock posters for my favorite bands. Back then, we built our own equipment, using whatever we had available to us. At the time, we scrounged up odds and ends, fashioning our own light tables, drying racks and printing stations. Our creative process was one of trial and error rather than a practiced and perfected science. We were in pursuit of something different, something real and something exciting. We didn’t really know where it would lead, but we knew that it was important, worthwhile and, most importantly, relevant.

Now as a full-fledged brand-building agency, we harness what we know from living and working at the intersection of pop culture and counterculture to help clients. From small companies to global Fortune 500 brands, we’ve used this cultural understanding to help authentically connect them with consumers. We believe our success today stems from our continued immersion in the culture in which we were forged. As we’ve grown from two dudes in a garage, designing and printing rock posters, to an agency of talented individuals from all corners of the industry, we knew it would be critical to continue infusing our founding principles in every aspect of our work.

In a world where craftsmanship and artistry is increasingly the exception rather than the rule, we believe in fostering a company culture where doing and creating is part our organization’s DNA. To ground our talent in our organization’s history and imbue them with the creative spirit and cultural understanding that drives what we do everyday, we hold internal Powerhouse Screen Printing 101 workshops at our factory. We believe that honing new skills and understanding creative culture is critical to pursuing a path that is different and relevant. We do it because what better place to start then where it all began: in a screen printing class. And personally for me, there is nothing more satisfying than watching people get excited when they experience the creative process in a raw and real way, using their own two hands to put ink to paper.

See below for more behind-the-scenes photos from our latest workshop.

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  • Ben-this is why you have been so successful. Your love and passion for your business and sharing it with others has enabled you to build a strong foundation for Powerhouse. You and Pat have shared a special bond both personally and professionally and are truly excited to share your blessings. We are all so very proud of what you have created and know that you will continue to grow! Love you lots!

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