Bunbury, Forecastle and Pitchfork

By August 2, 2013 March 13th, 2014 Powerhouse Print Shop

July is always a crazy month here at Powerhouse and this year proved no different.  As we’ve posted about here before, we travel around to as many music festivals as we can every summer to observe trends and sell our wares. Year after year, July is our busiest month, jam packed with festivals to attend.  We made it to Forecastle Music Festival in Louisville, Kentucky; Bunbury Music Festival in Cincinnati, Ohio; and Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago, Illinois.

We’re happy to report that we survived them all and made it home to tell you all about it.  From bourbon bars and freak storms at Forecastle, to killer BBQ and a secret show at Bunbury, to the best non-dairy ice cream you’ve ever had and spontaneous dance parties at PItchfork, we were there for all of it and captured it below for those of you that didn’t make it out.









You can find the full galleries of all the photos we took at Bunbury and Forecastle here and at Pitchfork here.

This year, in addition to selling prints and being the catalyst for spontaneous dance parties at our booths, we organized and hosted a secret show with Cincinnati indie darlings, The Pinstripes, at our Bunbury Music Festival booth. Those guys are super cool and didn’t hesitate to leave straight from their official Bunbury performance to set up at our booth for a set. Check out the video below.

Secret Show—The Pinstripes Perform at Powerhouse Factories’ Bunbury Booth from Powerhouse Factories on Vimeo.

You check out The Pinstripes’ official Bunbury Music Festival poster we designed and printed here.

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