23 Days of Bond

By January 16, 2013 Uncategorized

I couldn’t resist sharing this just in case there are any other James Bond fans out there that also happen to be poster geeks.  I realize I’m among a small number of people that actually fit that description, but I’m going to share it nonetheless.  The Daily Heller is a design blog I follow written by Steven Heller, a well known and prolific design author.   Today he featured a small design shop called Herring & Haggis that recently took it upon themselves to design a series of posters to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the James Bond film franchise.   For the 23 days leading up to the release of Skyfall (the most recent Bond film), they watched one film a day and designed a poster while they watched it, taking design cues along the way and turning each one into a unique visual story that represents specific and memorable scenes from each movie.  The result is a pretty bad-ass collection of posters for a pretty bad-ass icon of film, which also happens to be the longest running film franchise ever.    For those of you that need a little visual candy today… enjoy!

Read the original blog post by Steven Heller and see other posters from the series here:


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